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Beautiful Master Carved Wood Finial. Beautiful Master Carved Wood Finial by Astor & Mallet. Sale! Now $100 off their website price!
Made from the wood species Gmelina, a neutral colored stain grade hardwood. Finials are unfinished.
You will need to stain and poly the color of your choice. There is no mounting post so you will need to have these installed by a professional woodworker.
Available in 2 sizes.
The Small finial is 6 1/8" High and 4 "W at the wiidest point.The base measures 2 3/4" in diameter.
The Large finial is 8 3/4" High and 5 3/4" at the widest point. The base measures 4" in diameter.

Consider how skillful an artisan must be to lay out this mesmerizing, fractal-like logarithmic spiral—and then to carve it by hand. We think it resembles a head of luscious Romanesco broccoli, hence the name. It exceeds in all typical finial applications, from stair newell posts to curtain rods.

SALE! $100 OFF! Master Carved Wood Finial. Romanesco Spiral Finial. 2 Sizes.

$445.00 Regular Price
$345.00Sale Price
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